does Tetley tea expire

Does Tetley Tea Expire?

Does Tetley Tea Expire? The answer is yes! Just like every other tea brand, your Tetley tea can expire. That is why it comes with an expiration date, that is imprinted on the packaging.

It is wise that you always check the date before drinking, to avoid consuming expired tea.

As your tea gradually expires, you will notice that the quality, flavor, and taste are no longer the same.

The reason for this change is based on two factors.

Firstly, if the tea has stayed too long, it will surely go bad or expire.

Secondly, If you keep it in an inappropriate storage environment can also make your Tetley tea expire quickly.

In order to avoid this problem, you must ensure that they are stored properly.

Tetley tea is a well known brand that specializes on producing unique teas.

Apart from its high quality ingredients, they also come in different types and flavors.

Some of them includes herbal tea, green tea and black tea.

Drinking this tea can help to improve your digestive system and help reduce weight.

Another important advantage of consuming Tetley tea is that, it helps to enhance the functionality of your blood vessels, so that you have a healthy heart.

How Long Does Tetley Tea Last?

Tetley tea can last up to a year or more, especially when stored properly.

They have a very long shelf life and contains properties that enables them to remain consumable even after it has expired.

It is important to note that the quality of your tea will gradually degrade in flavor.

It is very important that you avoid exposing them to sunlight or an environment that is hot and humid.

Doing this will enable it to last longer.

Does Tetley Tea Need To Be Refrigerated?

No, your Tetley tea does not need to be refrigerated. In fact, refrigeration can seriously damage the tea bag and alter its flavor.

It is best to store them in an environment that is clean, cool and dry. It could be either in your cupboard or counter.

The major thing is to ensure that the environment is very safe and conducive.


Does Tetley Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes, your Tetley tea contains some amount of caffeine in them. Remember that this brand has different types of teas which includes herbal tea, green tea and black tea.

When it comes to quantity, Tetley black tea contains more caffeine than others.

Caffeine in black tea has a lot of advantages, especially when taken in moderation.

It helps to boost your energy, so that you can carry on with your daily activities without feeling tired.

Also, it helps to enhance your concentration, because it contains ingredients that keeps you focus.

How Much Caffeine In Tetley Tea Bag?

Generally, Tetley tea bags contains about 30 – 50 milligram of caffeine for a standard cup of tea.

Tetley black tea has more caffeine ingredients, especially when compared to green tea or herbal tea.

It is advisable to consume them moderately, so that it doesn’t lead to health problems.

15 Best Substitutes For Tetley Tea

Here are fifteen best substitutes for Tetley Tea

  1. Lipton
  2. PG Tips
  3. Twining’s
  4. Bigelow
  5. Yogi Tea
  6. Numi Organic Tea
  7. TWG Tea
  8. Stash Tea
  9. Harney and Sons
  10. Celestial seasonings
  11. Tazo
  12. Honest Tea
  13. Teavana
  14. Argo Tea
  15. Upton Tea

How To Tell If Tetley Tea Is Bad?

One major sign of a bad Tetley tea is when there is a change in color. That is why you need to watch out for any form of discoloration.

If it smells different from the usual odor, then it means that it has gone bad.

Another way to identify a spoilt Tetley tea is through its taste.

When you drink it and notice that your tea has a stale taste, you must make sure that you discard immediately.

One of the reason why your tea goes bad, is based on the fact that you failed to store them properly.

Exposure to direct sunlight, heat, air and moisture can make your Tetley tea go bad.

Can You Freeze Tetley Tea?

Yes! You can freeze Tetley tea. However, it is not advisable to do so, because it can lead to a lot of damages.

It can damage the texture of your Tetley tea bag and render it useless.

It can also alter the flavor of your tea, which makes it less enjoyable.

If you intend to preserve its shelf life by freezing, you will end up causing more damage, as it leads to quick spoilage.

How Do You Store Tetley Tea?

In order to store your Tetley tea properly, here are some steps you need to follow.

  1. The first step is to ensure that your Tetley tea bags are properly stored in an airtight container. Doing this will surely keep them away from moisture, air and other surrounding odors that affect your tea flavor.
  2. Do not store your tea bags in the refrigerator or freezer, as this can cause a lot of damage to the texture and quality. Instead, place them in a cool dry location like your cupboard, counter or pantry.

You must make sure that your container is not exposed to direct sunlight.

This means that the environment should be a little bit dark.

Just like your freezer, exposure to sunlight can also damage its flavor.

How Long Does Tetley Tea Last After Expiration?

Tetley tea can last up to six months past its expiration date.

It is very important to note that the flavor and taste will not be the same. Even though it has a long shelf life, it will not last forever.

When it has stayed for too long, you will begin to see changes in the quality.

This is as a result of degradation of ingredients used in producing it.

It may taste okay, but not as fresh as it used to be.

How Long Does Tetley Tea Last Unopened?

In an unopened state, your Tetley tea can last up to two years in good quality. This is because the package has not been opened.

You must ensure that you store properly and place them in a cool environment.

Failure to do this will surely hasten the degradation process.

Proper storage conditions will help to prolong its shelf.

You should note that it is normal for your tea to start degrading in quality, especially if it has stayed for too long.

It will still be consumable but less enjoyable. This is because the flavor is no longer as fresh as before.

As a reminder, once your Tetley tea is opened, it will not last up to two years.

It may last up to six months or a year, only if it is kept under good storage conditions.

How To Use Tetley Tea?

  • The first step is to boil your clean water.
  •  Get a clean cup and place your Tetley tea inside.
  • The next step is to pour your boiled water into the cup.
  • Then you allow it to stay for some three to five minutes, so that all the flavor from your tea bag will be fully extracted.
  • After some few minutes, remove your tea bags from the cup. Mildly press the bag at the side of your cup, so that all the flavor will be thoroughly extracted.

You can now enjoy your Tetley tea. The addition of sweeteners like milk, honey or sugar is optional.

Pros And Cons Of Tetley Tea


  • They are produced with ingredients of high quality. These ingredients contains essential nutrients that are beneficial to your health.
  • They are very popular, accessible and cheap. Unlike other tea brands that are difficult to access due to its unavailability, you don’t have to stress yourself in getting this brand of tea. It can be purchased at affordable rate in any supermarket or store.
  • It has a very nice packaging that makes it very easy to use and convenient to carry about.
  • Apart from producing quality tea product, this brand offers different varieties of teas. Some of them includes herbal tea, flavored tea and black tea.

This diversity gives consumers the choice to enjoy all products and select the type that suits them best.


  • Tetley tea deals more on tea bags than loose leaf. Some people may find it disappointing, as they may prefer tea leaves to tea bags.
  • Even though they are made with quality ingredients, there are still other various tea brands that has more quality than Tetley tea. Since they are more superior, most people will tend to go for it.
  • There are some people that want their tea to be totally natural. But Tetley tea contains some kind of flavors that are artificial, which makes it not hundred percent natural.
  • Most tea brands always have a detailed information of their products, which is found on the packaging.

When it comes to Tetley tea, the information found on the packaging is very limited.


Tetley tea has a long shelf life of about two years. However, it is very important that you play your part by ensuring that they are properly stored. It has a lot of advantages and nutritional benefits for your health.

Also remember to consume them in moderation, so as to avoid too much caffeine intake and other digestive issues.

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