how long do beyond Burgers Last

How Long Do Beyond Burgers Last?

So, how Long Do Beyond Burgers Last In The Fridge? When kept unopened in the fridge, Beyond Burgers have a shelf life of approximately 10 days from the date of purchase. This duration may vary slightly based on the specific packaging and storage conditions.

Once the Beyond Burgers package is opened, the clock starts ticking.

Beyond Meat recommends consuming the burgers within 3 days for the best taste and quality.

Beyond Burgers, known for its plant-based goodness, has specific guidelines for refrigeration to ensure optimal freshness.

Example: Imagine picking up a pack of Beyond Burgers from the grocery store.

By understanding these timelines, you can plan your meals to make the most of the freshness these plant-based burgers offer.


Can You Freeze Beyond Burgers?

If you find yourself with extra Beyond Burgers or want to extend their shelf life, freezing is the best option.

Here’s a guide on how to freeze Beyond Burgers:

  1. Preparation for Freezing:
    • If the Beyond Burgers are unopened, they can be frozen directly in their original packaging. For opened packages, consider placing each patty in individual airtight freezer bags or wrap them tightly with freezer-safe plastic wrap.
  2. Labeling and Dating:
    • To keep track of freezing duration, label the packaging with the date of freezing. This helps you monitor the burgers’ freshness and ensures timely consumption.
  3. Avoid Freezer Burn:
    • Freezer burn can affect the taste and texture of Beyond Burgers. Ensure that the packaging is airtight to prevent exposure to air and ice crystals. If using freezer bags, squeeze out excess air before sealing.
  4. Thawing Before Cooking:
    • When you’re ready to enjoy your frozen Beyond Burgers, it’s recommended to thaw them in the refrigerator before cooking. This gradual thawing process helps maintain the burgers’ quality.

Example: Picture having a stock of Beyond Burgers in the freezer for quick and convenient meals.

By following these freezing guidelines, you can enjoy plant-based goodness at your convenience while minimizing food waste

How Long Do Beyond Burgers Last In The Freezer?

Freezing Beyond Burgers is a great way to extend their shelf life, but it’s crucial to understand the optimal duration for maintaining their quality:

  • Short-Term Freezing: Beyond Burgers can be stored in the freezer for short durations, such as 2 to 3 months, while still maintaining good taste and texture. During this period, the burgers are less susceptible to freezer burn.
  • Long-Term Freezing: For more extended storage, Beyond Burgers can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months. While they remain safe to eat beyond this timeframe, there might be a gradual decline in taste and overall quality.
  • Proper Packaging Matters: The key to preserving the quality of Beyond Burgers in the freezer lies in proper packaging. Airtight containers, freezer bags, or vacuum-sealed pouches help prevent freezer burn and maintain the burgers’ flavor.


How Long Do Beyond Burgers Last After Expiration Date?

Understanding how Beyond Burgers fare past their expiration date is essential for making informed decisions about consumption:

  1. Assessment of Condition:
    • If Beyond Burgers are stored properly and have been in the freezer, they can still be safe to eat beyond the expiration date. However, it’s crucial to assess their condition by checking for freezer burn, off odors, or changes in texture.
  2. Taste and Texture Decline:
    • While Beyond Burgers may still be safe, there might be a decline in taste and texture over time. Freezer storage helps slow down these changes, but it’s advisable to consume them within a reasonable period for the best culinary experience.
  3. Thawing and Cooking Considerations:
    • When ready to use frozen Beyond Burgers past their expiration date, ensure they are thawed in the refrigerator before cooking. This gradual thawing process helps maintain the burgers’ quality.

How Long Does Cooked Beyond Meat Last? 

Cooked Beyond Meat, like Beyond Burgers, has specific guidelines for storage to maintain its quality and safety:

  1. In the Fridge:
    • Cooked Beyond Meat can be stored in the refrigerator for approximately 3 to 4 days. It’s crucial to place the leftovers in airtight containers or wrap them tightly with plastic wrap to minimize exposure to air and odors.
  2. In the Freezer:
    • If you have more cooked Beyond Meat than you can consume within a few days, freezing is a viable option. Cooked Beyond Meat can last in the freezer for up to 2 to 3 months, maintaining its taste and texture when properly packaged in freezer-safe containers or bags.
  3. Labeling and Dating:
    • To keep track of storage times, it’s advisable to label containers with the date of cooking and freezing. This helps you manage your freezer inventory and ensures timely consumption.
  4. Thawing Before Consumption:
    • When ready to enjoy your cooked Beyond Meat, thaw it in the refrigerator before reheating. This gradual thawing process helps preserve the meat’s quality.

How Long Do Beyond Burgers Last Unrefrigerated?

Beyond Burgers are designed to be stored and cooked like traditional meat, with proper refrigeration being a crucial factor:

  1. Room Temperature Storage:
    • Beyond Burgers should not be left unrefrigerated for an extended period. It’s recommended to refrigerate or freeze them promptly after purchase to maintain their quality and ensure food safety.
  2. Avoiding Temperature Danger Zone:
    • Beyond Burgers, like any perishable food item, should be kept out of the temperature danger zone (40°F to 140°F or 4°C to 60°C). Leaving them unrefrigerated for too long can lead to bacterial growth and compromise safety.
  3. Cooking From Refrigerated or Frozen State:
    • When preparing Beyond Burgers, it’s best to cook them directly from the refrigerator or freezer, following the recommended cooking instructions. This ensures they reach the appropriate internal temperature for safe consumption.

How To Store Beyond Burgers Long Term

Ensuring the long-term freshness of Beyond Burgers involves strategic storage practices to preserve their taste and quality:

  1. Freezing Beyond Burgers:
    • For extended storage, freezing Beyond Burgers is an effective method. Place unopened packs directly into the freezer or transfer opened packages into airtight containers or freezer bags. Properly sealed, Beyond Burgers can last in the freezer for up to 6 months.
  2. Labeling and Dating:
    • Labeling packages with the date of freezing helps you keep track of their storage duration. This simple step ensures you consume the burgers within a reasonable timeframe to maintain optimal taste.
  3. Avoiding Freezer Burn:
    • To prevent freezer burn, ensure the packaging is airtight. Squeeze out excess air before sealing freezer bags, use vacuum-sealed pouches, or opt for freezer-safe containers. This safeguards the burgers from dehydration and loss of flavor.
  4. Thawing and Cooking:
    • When ready to use frozen Beyond Burgers, thaw them in the refrigerator before cooking. This gradual thawing process preserves the burgers’ texture and taste. Follow the recommended cooking instructions for the best results.

Beyond Burger Nutrition

Understanding the nutritional profile of Beyond Burgers helps you make informed dietary choices:

  1. Protein Content:
    • Beyond Burgers are rich in plant-based protein derived from peas, mung beans, and rice protein. A 4-ounce (113-gram) Beyond Burger patty typically provides around 20 grams of protein.
  2. Fat Composition:
    • The fat in Beyond Burgers comes from coconut oil, which contributes to the burger’s juicy and flavorful texture. A 4-ounce patty usually contains approximately 18 grams of fat, including saturated and unsaturated fats.
  3. Calorie Count:
    • Beyond Burgers are moderately calorific, with a 4-ounce patty averaging around 250 to 270 calories. This makes them a comparable option to traditional beef burgers in terms of energy content.
  4. Iron and Calcium:
    • Beyond Burgers are fortified with iron and calcium, providing essential nutrients for a balanced diet. Iron is crucial for oxygen transport in the body, while calcium supports bone health.
  5. No Cholesterol:
    • A notable feature of Beyond Burgers is their absence of cholesterol. This makes them a heart-healthy alternative to traditional meat burgers.

Beyond Burger Vs Impossible Burger

The Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are two leading plant-based alternatives that have gained popularity for their meat-like taste and texture.

Let’s compare these two options:

  1. Ingredients:
    • Beyond Burger: The primary protein sources are pea protein isolate and mung bean protein. It also contains rice protein and a blend of coconut and canola oils.
    • Impossible Burger: The key ingredient is soy protein concentrate. It also includes sunflower oil, coconut oil, and heme, which gives it a meaty flavor.
  2. Texture and Juiciness:
    • Beyond Burger: Known for its realistic meaty texture and juiciness. The inclusion of coconut oil contributes to the juicy experience.
    • Impossible Burger: The addition of heme, a molecule found in animal blood, gives the Impossible Burger a unique “bleeding” effect and enhances its meat-like texture.
  3. Taste Profile:
    • Beyond Burger: Offers a savory and umami flavor profile with a hint of coconut. It has a versatile taste that complements various toppings and seasonings.
    • Impossible Burger: Known for a more meat-centric flavor due to the heme content. The “bleeding” effect adds to the overall sensory experience.
  4. Nutritional Content:
    • Beyond Burger: Typically lower in saturated fat and calories. It provides essential nutrients such as protein, iron, and calcium. Free from cholesterol.
    • Impossible Burger: Slightly higher in saturated fat and calories. The inclusion of heme contributes to a higher iron content.
  5. Availability:
    • Beyond Burger: Widely available in grocery stores, restaurants, and fast-food chains, making it accessible for home cooking and dining out.
    • Impossible Burger: Also available in various restaurants and fast-food establishments. Its availability has expanded over time.


  • Picture standing in the grocery aisle, deciding between Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger for your next plant-based meal. Understanding these differences can help you choose the option that aligns with your taste preferences and nutritional goals.

5 Best Beyond Meat Products

Beyond Meat offers a diverse range of plant-based products beyond burgers. Here are five standout options:

  1. Beyond Sausage:
    • A flavorful and juicy plant-based sausage available in various flavors, perfect for grilling or adding to your favorite dishes.
  2. Beyond Breakfast Sausage:
    • Specially crafted for breakfast, these plant-based sausage patties offer a delicious and protein-packed alternative.
  3. Beyond Meatballs:
    • Versatile and savory plant-based meatballs that can be enjoyed with pasta, in sandwiches, or as appetizers.
  4. Beyond Chicken Strips:
    • Plant-based chicken strips with a satisfying texture, are ideal for salads, wraps, or as a protein-packed snack.
  5. Beyond Beef:
    • A versatile ground plant-based meat that can be used in a variety of recipes, from tacos to pasta dishes.

How To Tell If Beyond Burgers Have Expired?

Ensuring the freshness of Beyond Burgers is essential for both taste and safety.

Here are indicators to help you determine if Beyond Burgers have expired:

  1. Check the Expiration Date:
    • Beyond Burgers typically come with a stamped expiration date on the packaging. If the date has passed, it’s a clear sign that the burgers may be past their prime.
  2. Inspect Color and Odor:
    • Fresh Beyond Burgers have a vibrant red color, mimicking raw meat. If the color appears dull or grayish, and there’s an off-putting odor, it may indicate spoilage.
  3. Texture Assessment:
    • Expired Beyond Burgers might develop an undesirable slimy or sticky texture. Check for any changes in consistency, as freshness is often associated with a firm and uniform texture.
  4. Freezer Burn Signs:
    • If you’ve stored Beyond Burgers in the freezer, look for signs of freezer burn. Ice crystals on the surface, discoloration, or a dry appearance suggest improper storage and potential deterioration.
  5. Observe Packaging Integrity:
    • Damaged or compromised packaging can expose Beyond Burgers to air, leading to spoilage. Check for any tears, leaks, or unusual bulges in the packaging.
  6. Trust Your Instincts:
    • If anything about the appearance, smell, or texture seems off, trust your instincts. Expired Beyond Burgers may pose health risks, and it’s better to err on the side of caution.

10 Best Substitutes For Beyond Burgers

While Beyond Burgers is a popular choice, various alternatives offer diverse plant-based options.

Here are ten substitutes to consider:

  1. Impossible Burger:
    • Known for its meaty taste and bleeding effect, the Impossible Burger is a close alternative to Beyond Burger.
  2. Lightlife Burger:
    • Lightlife offers plant-based burgers with a savory taste and a hearty texture, making them a great substitute.
  3. MorningStar Farms Grillers Original:
    • These veggie burgers from MorningStar Farms are a classic choice, providing a delicious and convenient plant-based option.
  4. Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger:
    • Gardein’s Beefless Burger boasts a savory flavor and a satisfying texture, making it a favorite among plant-based enthusiasts.
  5. Field Roast Hand-Formed Burger:
    • Crafted with real ingredients, Field Roast’s Hand-Formed Burger offers a flavorful and protein-packed alternative.
  6. Simple Truth Emerge Plant-Based Patties:
    • Simple Truth’s plant-based patties are made with pea protein and provide a tasty and convenient meatless option.
  7. Amy’s All American Veggie Burger:
    • Amy’s offers a classic veggie burger with organic ingredients, delivering a wholesome and flavorful experience.
  8. No Evil Foods The Stallion:
    • The Stallion by No Evil Foods is a plant-based meat alternative that adds a bold and robust flavor to your meals.
  9. Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burger:
    • Dr. Praeger’s Perfect Burger is a veggie burger made with clean and simple ingredients, providing a tasty meatless option.
  10. Quorn Meatless Gourmet Burger:
    • Quorn’s Gourmet Burger, made with mycoprotein, offers a unique and delicious plant-based alternative.

What Happens If You Eat Expired Beyond Burger?

Consuming expired Beyond Burgers may pose risks to your health, and it’s crucial to be aware of potential consequences:

  1. Foodborne Illness:
    • Eating expired Beyond Burgers increases the risk of foodborne illnesses caused by bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, or Listeria. These bacteria can multiply over time, especially when the burgers are stored improperly.
  2. Digestive Issues:
    • Spoiled Beyond Burgers may lead to digestive issues, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. The presence of harmful bacteria can disrupt the normal functioning of the digestive system.
  3. Food Poisoning Symptoms:
    • Symptoms of food poisoning from consuming expired Beyond Burgers may include fever, chills, headache, and muscle aches. In severe cases, it can lead to dehydration and require medical attention.
  4. Allergic Reactions:
    • Beyond Burgers contain various ingredients, and individuals with food allergies or sensitivities should be cautious. Expired products may undergo changes that could trigger allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.
  5. Decreased Nutritional Value:
    • Over time, the nutritional value of expired Beyond Burgers may degrade. Proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients might diminish, impacting the overall nutritional benefits of the plant-based alternative.
  6. Unpleasant Taste and Odor:
    • Expired Beyond Burgers may exhibit an unpleasant taste and odor due to the breakdown of ingredients. Consuming spoiled food can lead to an unsatisfactory culinary experience.


Eating expired Beyond Burgers can have adverse effects on your health, ranging from foodborne illnesses to digestive issues and allergic reactions. It’s essential to prioritize food safety and adhere to recommended storage guidelines to minimize the risk of consuming expired products.

When handling plant-based alternatives like Beyond Burgers, be diligent in checking expiration dates, monitoring changes in color, odor, and texture, and storing them properly in the refrigerator or freezer. If any doubt arises regarding the freshness of the product, it’s advisable to err on the side of caution and avoid consumption.

By being mindful of expiration dates and following proper storage practices, you can enjoy Beyond Burgers safely, incorporating them into your plant-based diet for a delicious and health-conscious culinary experience.

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